Details for Ukelele Level 2
749023-A (Art, Draw, Dance & Music Prog)

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NonResident: 06/06/2019 @ 8:30A - 06/17/2019 @ 12:00P
Resident: 06/06/2019 @ 8:30A - 06/17/2019 @ 12:00P
Min Count: (5), Max Count: (12)
Ages: 18 years and Up
If you have a few ukulele chords at your fingertips and want to become a better player, this class will help you become more confident playing by yourself and with others. We’ll explore more chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, a super-easy music theory tool, and, of course, we’ll play lots of songs! Bring a ukulele and a tuner. This class is designed for ukuleles in the common high-G ("re-entrant") tuning (Ukes in other tunings including lefties, low-G, and baritone ukes are welcome, but the ability to translate chords and tablature for yourself is needed.

Instructor Clare Innes
Comfortable clothing and their adventurous spirit.

Open to These Grades: N/A
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6:45P to 7:45P Wed