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749022-B (Art, Draw, Dance & Music Prog)

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NonResident: 04/29/2019 @ 8:30A - 06/17/2019 @ 12:00P
Resident: 04/29/2019 @ 8:30A - 06/17/2019 @ 12:00P
Min Count: (5), Max Count: (12)
Ages: 18 years and Up
Ukuleles spread great waves of joy wherever they go and they're easy to learn how to play. Come learn to make chords, strum smoothly and gain confidence in playing along with others. Bring a ukulele, an electronic clip-on tuner (if you have them) and an adventurous spirit. Rentals available from the instructor the duration of the class for $20.00

Instructor Clare Innes
Comfortable clothing and their adventurous spirit.

Open to These Grades: N/A
Time Day
5:30P to 6:30P Wed